Well Easter is here again and so are the storms. Now last year they popped up and did a lot of damage in our area. Not all reports are in yet but it looks like we may have just gotten the rain we needed minus the damage.
A year ago we had baseball/softball sized hail that did a lot of roof and car damage around the area. My car was included in the storms last year.

My boyfriend and I had just driven in from our hunting lease last year, had been home maybe 15-20 minutes when the storms hit. We had grabbed something to eat and were just sitting down to eat and were watching the weather updates on TV. We decided to go move things in our overstuffed garage to get his truck inside.

All of a sudden I stop and I hear some very loud rumbling, I couldn't figure out what it was. About that time the neighbor runs out yelling the hail is coming, not 10 seconds later baseball size hail is pouring down.

We get his truck pulled in but my car, which luckily has full coverage, just gets the poo knocked out of it. We had grabbed blankets to put over the car but it didn't help. The windows didn't get broken but the car had huge dents all over it.

The excitement and adrenaline launched me into a full blown asthma attack. I've had asthma the last few years but I had never had an attack like that before.

So here we are again at Easter and storms are rolling through the area. I'm watching the TV and weather reports tonight, 70 mile an hour winds, ping pong sized hail and flooding are all being mentioned. I'm sitting here thinking well here we go again!! This time I am proactive, I get my car in the garage ahead of time just in case we have a de ja vue moment. It was easier this time since we cleaned the garage out a month or so ago. A garage is for storage of all things you don't want in the house, it's not really to park your cars in; right?

Luckily we didn't see anything but rain, thunder and lightning. I know some areas received some hail but it wasn't softball size this time. Looks like maybe we got lucky this time and just got the good rain we've needed.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter Sunday!