With a new single to promote to Texas radio, Austin-based singer/songwriter Cyrus James stopped by to pay me a visit. During his visit, we talked about 'Lickity Split', James' duet with Jason Boland. Cyrus also discussed what promises to be an exciting summer, and played a brand new song for us in-studio.

In the first segment of our conversation we discussed how he was able to get Jason Boland featured on his latest single. He says, "I'm from Colorado originally...and I've gotten to meet some of the Texas guys coming through, Boland being one of them. I was a big fan of his, he was probably the first guy I ever heard out of this scene probably 8-10 years ago...so I was out to dinner with him one night, and asked if he's do [Lickity Split] and he said he would. I was like 'yeah sure', and I didnt' think much of it. I wasn't going to pursue it. I was going to wait, and his wife called me up and said 'are we gonna do this or not?'". James also talked about his experience living in Austin, the city he calls home now.

The new single was re-cut for radio to feature Jason Boland, so this rendition is only available on iTunes and on Texas radio. And right here:

We were treated to a live acoustic performance of a brand new song called 'Tumbleweed'. According to James, "We're working on a new record now, we just did some pre-production on a bunch of songs. This is a brand new one. We' played it once so far, and it's just getting a workout.". Check it out as part of segment 2 of my conversation with Cyrus James:


In the final segment of my interview "The summer looks really busy with dates. We're getting a lot of dates booked, I mean it's almost every weekend, 3-4 days a week all summer long.". James also tells us that the live show is what he enjoys most about being in the music business. "It's the fun part for sure. That's my favorite part, with the full band getting up there and just being able to rock out. It's a lot of fun.". Check out the final part of Cyrus James in studio.

You can check out my review of James' CD 'Molly & the Devil' here, and find out more about Cyrus at his official website, CyrusJamesMusic.com, where you'll find out more about James, tour dates, news and you can get linked to his social network sites as well. All the best to Cyrus!