Sean Franks and Dustin Hendricks make up a portion of the band Chapter 11, a group of musicians from north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area (Sherman, to be exact). Each member was brought in from other existing bands to record songs under the name, and what they came out of those studio sessions is at least one song, 'Whiskey and You', that I really, really like. So I was glad to know that Sean and Dustin were stopping by KEAN 105 to introduce themselves.

During their visit, the guys talked about the song 'Whiskey and You', a duet featuring Franks and Aubrey Lynn England. I asked if they knew from the beginning that the song was going to be something special, and I got two very different answers. Dustin told me "Oh, as soon as I heard it...he just started playing it. We were sitting out, taking a break outside and he started playing it, and my jaw dropped. I was like 'oh my gosh. I've got to have that'.", while Sean "was on the other end of this line, man. I didn't know what it was going on.". Here's Part One of our conversation:

'Whiskey and You' featuring Aubrey Lynn England is a sad, slow song with a lot of emotion. Take a listen here:

The next portion of my interview included a live acoustic performance from Sean Franks. He played 'County Line' from the other band he's working with, 121 North. Franks explains that his voice - which doesn't necessarily fit his age - took a lot of practice. "It is a natural thing, but it's also a very honed skill, I guess you'd say. I wasn't the kid that played football. I was the kid who stayed inside and made my fingers get hard." Take a listen:

The final part of my conversation with Dustin and Sean had them explaining how Chapter 11 came together, pulling musicians from several different bands to create the music on the CD. Dustin also explains that putting a live show together "Actually I don't think all of us have been in a room together.", and as far as putting a live show for Chapter 11, he tells us "we're working on that right now...We just wanted to put the record out and have that for each other and sell it and make money on that, but it's kind of...getting a life of its own and that's another thing we're going to be talking about.".

You can find Chapter 11 and more information on their CD 'The Awakening' featuring 'Whiskey and You' on iTunes, on Facebook, ReverbNation, Spotify, Amazon, and CD Baby. Take your pick.

It was great to meet these guys. All the best to Sean, Dustin and everyone else involved in the band, and I hope a live show comes together soon!