So I went looking for raw video of Miranda Lambert concert footage to get a preview of the energy that I will experience at her concert in Abilene. To my surprise I discovered lots of iPhone video of different concerts and the "cat-fights" that Miss Lambert has to stop her show for, just to break-up the fights. here are a few examples.

I'm left wondering, is it the music or the crowded "stand-up mosh pit atmosphere" that brings out the claws in the ladies fighting?

Miranda Does make a valid point, quoting now "Did Y'all come here to fight or listen to country music? Cause you two are ruining it for everybody" tell them Miranda!

Miss Lambert will offer to "come down there and finish the fight". Be aware, if you are near the could get wild at a Miranda Lambrt concert. I hope that is not the case here in Abilene, being we have an awesome APD, SO and DPS group of law enforcement watching over things here.

Miranda admits, she's a "Redneck Chick!" Now that explains it all.