As April first nears, I start getting anxiety attacks because it's the one day a year I really dislike. I've never really liked pranks being pulled on me, even though my morning show partner Pete Beretta is the king of the pranks and he tries everyday to get me. So I thought I'd research the internet for all the latest gags, jokes and pranks so that at least I'll have a heads up on all the latest pranks
This is one prank that had me wondering at first how the teacher did it, and of course they offer the explanation on how it's done. Things like the one on the video are okay, it's the ones that will have me answering the phone explaining to people that there is no ski resort in Baird Texas, or that Hooters is not opening next week near Abilene Christian University or that the new Disney Water Park has broken ground. The later I seem to recall, people started calling and kept calling for at least three days asking us, where one might take their resume' to apply for a job with the Walt Disney theme park folks. Thank God April Fools falls on a Sunday, the only thing there is, the preacher at the church I attend has a sense of humor and he just might try to pull one off on us, we'll just have to wait and see.