Adam Fears is originally from right here in Texas, Tyler to be exact, but he lives, writes, and records in Nashville now, but there was a time when he was practically living in West Texas. A few years ago Adam was a regular around the KEAN studios, I just wished I had kept one of his old interviews just to play them back now that he's got his first national release. I told him back then and I'll say it again "Adam you've got something, go to Nashville and make something happen for yourself." From what I can tell Adam Fears is like an old bottle of bourbon, he just keeps getting better with time. Just listen to his new song.

This Texas A&M country boy that started the Brazos Valley Band paints pictures with his lyrics, and he seems to have struck gold with his latest song called 'There's a Girl Out There.' Fears is well rooted and knows who he is and isn't. He is not pretentious and will tell you "man I've worked my butt off to get where I am today, you want to hear this new song I just wrote?" Adam is what I call "the real genuine article." He is a singer and a songwriter.

“If you got a blue collar job, if you got mud on your boots, if every Friday night you go to your favorite watering hole. You get me, what I’m all about. I like to get a little loud, sing a little louder, honky-tonk rock and roll.”

Adam Fears

The album from which his new single comes from is called "You Get Me" and when you spend a little time listening to Adam play, you'll get him.

Adam Fears - There's A Girl Out There