Rescue the Animals, just rescued 19 horses that had been dumped and abandoned in Ranger Texas. The Justice of the Peace in Eastland issued a seizure warrant, and arranged for the horses to be picked up by Abilene's 'Rescue the Animals SPCA' organization. The warrant cleared the way for the horses to be brought to the Abilene Animal Shelter, where they will be held for ten days until there is another court hearing.

Police and animal authorities are looking for the person and/or persons responsible for dumping the horses. At first glance it appears the horses are in very poor condition. Washburn said their condition is horrible and some of that may be because of the amount of time they may have spent being trucked around.

According to Rescue the Animals founder Paul Wash burn said, "the best we can tell so far is, that the horses were rejected when someone tried to take them into Mexico to sell. Apparently, the trucker hauling the horses had some connection in the Ranger area and brought the horses there to dump them. Law enforcement authorities are working to verify and develop more information."

Source: Paul Washburn RTA press release

At the moment, Rescue the Animals, SPCA is covering the cost of feed and medical expenses for all 19 horses, and the City of Abilene will care for them and help with adoptions after the court hearing is held. Rescue the Animals, SPCA is also asking for financial donations to help with the cost of caring for theses horses. The City of Abilene and Rescue have worked together to expand the number and size of pens at the “pound” to accommodate more livestock.