On opening weekend of the 2013 deer hunting rifle season in Texas, 15 year old  Makayla Hay took a record setting buck. Hay's monster 23-point buck is the second largest buck ever harvested in Madison County (halfway between Dallas and Houston) and the largest ever recorded in Boone and Crocket (B&C) taken by a youth in the Lone Star State.

Texas Big Game Awards Facebook photo

Two Texas anglers had spotted the record setting 23 point buck, crossing the Trinity river about a month prior to Hay harvesting it.

An official Boone and Crocket Club measurer scored the non-typical buck at 213 7/8 inches gross with a net score of 203 1/8 inches. “I’ve been hunting a while, but it really changes your perspective on deer,” Makayla said. “Every deer I see now I’m like, ‘Oh that doesn’t compare to my deer.’” And she would be hard-pressed to encounter another deer that matches her unique buck. The only non-typical whitetail currently on the B&C record books for Madison County is a 223 2/8-inch buck taken in 1967.  Additionally the Makayla buck is expected hold the record for the largest free-range whitetail ever taken by a youth in Texas after Texas Big Game Awards receives her official entry.

Source: Outdoor Life.com

If that doesn't put buck fever in your blood, I don't know what will. I think it's awesome that a 15 year old girl can go out hunting with her dad and she has the patients enough, to wait for a monster buck to come by. Makayla had already let two other bucks pass by before she spotted her record book buck, and she took the 150 yard shot. Congratulations Makayla.