Just when you thought your apps couldn't get any weirder then comes an app that literally help you track all the places you've pooped in the world.

You'll soon be number one with your friends when you show off this app that tracks number two.

What's the app called? Places I've Pooped, of course.

Places I've Pooped
Places I've Pooped

Basically, it's like checking in on Facebook. But, instead of checking in at your favorite bar, you're leaving your mark in each bathroom you use. Just use the "Bomb's Away" button to drop your digital load.

After you make your mark, you can keep track of all the places you've dropped your load on the nifty little map that is part of the app. The only downside I see to this app is that the 'map of poop locations' looks just like your phone's regular map. Pulling up the wrong map while on a road trip can lead you to a poop location, instead of your desired location.

Never fear, this app is available in iTunes and Google Play. This is also a free app.

How do I rate this app? Well, I give it a "2", of course.

Enjoy the app and be on the look-out for more crazy things with Pain's Package.

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