We have to talk about that massive fight scene between Beth Dutton and Summer Higgins during Sunday night's (Dec. 4) episode of Yellowstone.

The pair's feud has been festering since John Dutton first brought the environmentalist (Summer) to his ranch during Season 4. Beth (Kelly Reilly) is openly hostile toward her perceived rival (played by Piper Perabo), and even though it's uncomfortable, these two sharing the screen has brought some brilliant Beth-isms.

Who won isn't as important as who you wanted to win. That's the focus of this week's Dutton Rules podcast episode.

Season 5 of Yellowstone has mostly found Beth coming unglued, which is the opposite of what many expected to happen once she married Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) at the end of last season. Until now, the bulk of her ire has been toward Jamie, but now she has a new rival. An issue that many fans of the show have is that it's all too much. Those attracted to the Paramount Network show for its accurate portrayal of ranch life find themselves seeing more of a character-driven soap opera in 2022.

That may change. The cowboys have set off on a two-day branding trip that promises some significant action. Beth is (surprisingly) on that trip, but previews for Ep. 6 indicate that someone else is the center of the action. There appears to be a significant injury, and hosts Adison Haager and Billy Dukes have a strong theory about who that is.

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