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I saw William Lee Martin perform once on a Carnival cruise ship and he had the entire ship rocking from side to side with laughter. I'll admit, the show on the boat was a bit blue but it was hilarious nonetheless. Today's William Lee Martin is more subtle, cleaner, and authentic to his 'personality' comedy routine.

Get ready to laugh it up this holiday season with 'The Return of the Nutcracker: A Christmas Standup Spectacular.' featuring stand-up comedian and actor William Lee Martin. 'The Return of the Nutcracker' is a hilarious live Christmas show that is coming to Abilene's Paramount Theatre Saturday, December 17th.

Photo by: Paramount Theatre / William Lee Martin
Photo by: Paramount Theatre / William Lee Martin

William Lee Martin will not be alone joining him are comedians MJ Moody, Barry Laminack, and singer-songwriter comedian JD Monson. This will be a night of comedy, music, and fun. This group of comedians puts the word 'FUN' in dysfunctional family Christmas.

The Paramount Theatre at 352 Cypress Street in downtown Abilene, will be filled with holiday comedy, music, and fun all dedicated to things that are a traditional family Christmas. Get ready to greet this holiday season with gut-busting laughter as you'll see in the video below.

When William Lee Martin began doing stand-up comedy his shows were rather blue and not suited for the whole family. A couple of years ago he realized that his children had grown up and that he also had grandchildren. So he rethought his comedy strategy wanting to clean his show up and make it more friendly to all audiences.

'The Return of The Nutcracker a Christmas Stand-Up Spectacular' is about Christmas and having to find that very special gift for his wife and having to go through shopping at a mall and dealing with people that are young and old alike.

This cowboy will ride you home laughing all the way. Get tickets online at the Paramount Theatre website here or at 352 Cypress Street.

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