Remember in grade school reading the book "How To Eat Fried Worms", well this is that book in real life. It's a new food cart in San Francisco called Don Bugito and the owner,Monica Martinez, swears it's no more weird than eating sushi. She also points out they are easier to raise than a cow or chicken.

Monica presented her new food at the San Francisco Street Food Festival and will has a food cart that sells the food to hundreds of people a day. She says in Mexico bug-cuisine was a staple because it was high in protein and easy to find. Her food cart sells wax moth larvae tacos, meal worm tacos and caramelized meal worm ice cream.

Monica raises the worms herself and even has a way for you to take some worms home to raise for yourself. She has little plastic container starter kits complete with instructions. Monica says the bugs are easy to raise, cheap and don't produce much waste.

Everyone in the video that tried the tacos and ice cream seemed to like what they ate, stating that it kind of tastes like pork (not chicken this time). Well I will take their word for it. I don't eat sushi as I think of that as bait and I'm not eating bugs unless one accidentally flies into my mouth. I generally try to keep bugs out of my food. It's just not on my diet plan no matter how full of protein they are, I'll drink a protein shake if need be.