The best part of summer?  Maybe the river floating, the food, the drink, the amazing lakes - the list is endless. But for me, it's the opening of new water rides - record-setting water rides to be exact. 

Schitterbahn Galveston is where we got a new one as they celebrate 10 years since opening their doors to the public. They built an 81-foot high present for themselves and for Texans all over. The world's tallest water coaster, according to Guinness World Records appropriately called MASSIV, went up just a few days ago and this is the only footage we have of the ride.

It's a computer generation of what the ride will look like. Well, this past Tuesday, they did a few tests. First with water bags, then with a person or two.

Everyone, and everything survived, and on Wednesday it opened to the public. So if you're going to Galveston this is a must try. 

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