Last night was the first ever public screening of 'World War Z,' this summer's big zombie action-thriller. That would've been enough excitement for the fans in Hoboken, NJ who lined up for hours for their first look at the film. But they got an added surprise: Mr. Brad Pitt.

We were in attendance and after all the fuss, it turns out that 'World War Z' is actually...a pretty good movie.

"We gotta do a screening for the fans. So, we decided there was no better place to do that than Jersey!"

So said Brad Pitt late last night as he snuck into a late-night showing of 'World War Z.' The crowd, understandably, went nuts. But would they go nuts for the movie? This was the first time Paramount and Pitt (who also produced the film) had shown the movie to anyone outside of the production and they didn't know what they had yet. But what they have in 'World War Z' is certainly a crowd-pleaser.

After a brief introduction to Pitt's Gerry Lane and his family (wife Karen and their two girls), we hit the ground running and the movie is off. This is not a slow burn. The first 2/3 of 'World War Z' are a surprisingly entertaining zombie thriller. It's intense and scary despite not being gory really at all. We've never really had a zombie movie of this scale before and it's impressive to see a big disaster movie that isn't aliens or giant robots but just lots and lots of zombies.

If you've heard any of the production problems the film has had, don't believe the hype: 'World War Z' isn't a disaster. But as a disaster movie, it's actually pretty good.

We'll have a full 'World War Z' review up closer to the film's release on June 21.

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