While I've never considered a turkey, let alone a wild turkey a "scary, dangerous, run for your life beast." This reporter was so scared by this wild turkey she runs to find safety in her car, but not before the mailman drove his mail truck between the reporter and the turkey to give her a chance to get away. Even after the reporter is in her car, the turkey stalks her by circling the car and gobbling at her. It must have been her perfume or the turkey on rye sandwich she had for lunch.
As you watch this video, you can tell the turkey had been hanging out in the neighborhood for quite some time and the residents there have been feeding it, the bird was probably just hungry. This video is a great example as to why we should not feed wild animals, they get aggressive when hungry or agitated and if they are let roam in neighborhoods where kids and the elderly live they will hurt someone. Can you imagine, had that been an 80 year old woman trying to get away?

Had it been me I would have found a huge machete and started working on Thanksgiving dinner. Which brings me to my next question, should I be required to have a hunting license before I kill the vicious killer turkey beast? The game warden I called said yes and no. If the wild animal is attacking me I can kill it to protect myself no license is needed, but then I need to call the game warden right away so they can gather evidence and remove the animal. If I kill and move the bird or take possession of it, I had better have it tagged and my story straight. In Texas I can get up to a $500 fine and I will be made to pay civil restitution, which is left up to the judge. The local game warden says "If you've got wild animals in your neighborhood roaming around, it's best you don't feed them, ignore them and they will go away. However, if the animal is dangerous and will not leave in due time, one should call the game wardens office."