Vehicles are everywhere you look. They're used on a daily basis for most of us. They're an investment, they're our lifeline to get us to work, school and activities. It only makes sense that since there are so many in so many places thieves see an opportunity. Sure, there's the usual breaking a window or door to get in and steal your valuables. But, bad guys also have their eyes on another piece of your car.

The catalytic converter.

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Photo: Tony Savino/Getty Images
Photo: Tony Savino/Getty Images

This part of your vehicle plays a big role, not only for smooth operation but to help protect the environment. A catalytic converter works off what's called a catalyst to help convert harmful emissions from your engine into safe gasses like steam.

So, why are these converters are so interesting to thieves? Money. Thieves know they can resell these converters for cash. You see the catalytic converter contains 3 different metals. Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. The price of these metals has risen greatly over the past few years. These metals are priced by ounce. An ounce of platinum shot to $1,100 in 2021. An ounce of palladium climbed all the way to nearly $2,400 and rhodium increased the most at almost $18,000 in 2021. Now that's some serious cash.

It's no wonder that junkyards actively search for catalytic converters to resell. There are even some companies that offer to buy your converter right out. While the value of specific ones varies, I've seen some listed anywhere from $150 to close to $2000. Thieves know the value of these converters and they're up to no good. Remember, if you see anything suspicious around your or someone else vehicle, you can report a tip to Abilene Crime Stoppers.

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