Pretty clearly, the best part of Halloween is that you dress up in a fun costume and walk around acquiring delicious candy. Who doesn't love that? We're really excited to see all the trick-or-treaters in their best outfits this year. We've got our bags of candy ready, and we're giving away prizes for the best costumes we see.

However, we cannot abide a certain type of trick-or-treater. You know the kind. The lazy one who doesn't wear a costume. This trick-or-treater is terrible, and he thinks he's still entitled to some of our sweet chocolate treats? Ha! Well, we're not going to take it this year. Here are 10 things to say to trick-or-treaters without a costume.

1.  "You better have a good trick."

2.  "Oh, I get it—you're lazy!"

3.  "That's the best Mitt Romney costume I have ever seen."

4.  "You want candy? Dance for the candy!"

5. "Oh my God! Your mask is terrifying!"

6.  "Your mother called. She wants her jeans back."

7.  "Did you forget what day it was?"

8.  "If you can be cheap, then so can I. No candy for you!"

9.  Have a bucket of pig's blood ready, and when they come to the door say, "I've got a costume for you, Carrie!"

10. "If you don't have a costume next year, I'm going to come to your house and take all your candy."

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