Spring Break starts this weekend and for a whole week you have your kids at home. Now the panic sets in! What do you do with them? Well we just happen to have a few ideas for you here. Some are close to home, some involve a little travel but not too much, most are inexpensive.


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    Caverns of Sonora

    First up is a little road trip to the Caverns of Sonora. The caverns would make a great little one or two day trip, it's not far and would be relatively inexpensive. They are located on I-10 halfway between Big Bend National Park and San Antonio. Not only are they beautiful but educational as well. There's a lot to do at the caverns like hiking, gemstone panning, camping, workshops, touring or just relaxing.

  • Shay Hill

    Abilene Zoo

    I recently went to the Abilene Zoo and it is amazing. For a town our size we have a wonderful zoo. Not only has the zoo been completely renovated but there are lots of new animals on display as well. I had not been out there since the updates and I have to say I was quite impressed. I love the new white tiger and otters they have. The new snake exhibit is really nice too; they even have cobras in there! And you have to take the little train ride around the zoo. For parents that must work they are also offering a 3 day 9am - 4pm Alphazoo program for the kids during Spring Break. Contact 325-676-6487 for details.

  • Shay Hill


    There are lots of places to go camping. Any of the State Parks around Abilene would be perfect. However, if you get the chance and can make the drive Big Bend National Park is incredible. We did this for Spring Break two years ago and I so want to go back. We did the outback camping so every night we were sleeping under the stars and waking up to the most gorgeous sunrises. During the day we would go hiking or down to the river. Since you couldn't build a fire we would use our little camp stove and come up with some fun foods. We didn't shower for a week, we were out with nature, no phones or computers to distract you, it was just fun and relaxing.

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    We have some great museums here in Abilene that are geared towards kids. There is the NCCIL, Frontier Texas (they just re-opened with some new features), Abilene Public Library, Sears Park Rec Center, YMCA, and more. All of these have kids events and camps planned over Spring Break. You choose one each day to explore with your child. Many of these organizations are offering day long activities for children who's parents must work.

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    Alliance For Women and Children

    The Alliance will have Spring Break daylong care available for parents who have to work and can not be off with their children for the holiday. They have activities, field trips, outdoor play and more planned for your child. It is for kids K-5th grade 7am - 6pm and is only $12 a day (very inexpensive). You can contact the Alliance for more information at 325-677-5321.