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Okay, I was way off thinking junk food was something you only picked up at drive-through fast food restaurants. Once I looked up the actual definition of what junk foods really are, I learn that there's also a National Junk Food Day too. So, what is authentic junk food and where can one get it here in Abilene?

The answer, as defined by Webster's dictionary is food that is high in calories but low in nutritional content. Wikipedia defines it as food that is high in calories usually stemming from sugar, saturated in fat, also high in sodium, and has little to no dietary values like protein, vitamins, fiber, or any of the other really important nutritional values.

Even sit-down restaurants have some of the best junk foods in town.

Where to get junk food? That was easy grocery stores, and vending machines are probably the biggest dispensers of junk food. Furthermore, fast food restaurants and actually sit-down restaurants can also dispense some good ole junk food as well.

I conducted my own little non-scientific poll as to what junk food is, and we all have different opinions. I asked my wife, and she immediately responded with "candy bars, potato chips, cheese dip, ice cream, cake, donuts, sodas, and cookies." I asked my 20-year-old daughter and she said "french fries, poppers, mozzarella sticks, cheese fries, cupcakes, Twinkies, soft drinks, Ding Dongs, and candy bars.

As for my thoughts on junk food, I thought that they are foods that one enjoys immensely but are high in calories or bad for you. If that's the case I love Sonic chili dogs, Chick-Fil-A fried chicken strips, Taco Bell burritos, Mcdonald's Cheeseburgers, candy of any kind, and so on.

As far as both Webster's Dictionary and Wikipedia are concerned, Abilene has many places to find some great "junk food' to enjoy on National Junk Food Day on July 21st. Here's a list of (over 120) places to find your favorite, delicious junk food:

  1. Market Street - 4450 Buffalo Gap Road
  2.  H-E-B - 1345 Barrow Street
  3. United Super Markets - 4 locations
  4. Save-A-Lot - 155 Sayles Blvd.
  5. Walmart - 3 location
  6. O Mart Grocery Store - 1350 Mockingbird
  7. Aldi Grocery Store -4765 Southwest Drive
  8. Dollar General - 14 locations
  9. Family Dollar -  5 Locations
  10. Dollar tree - 6 locations
  11. Thai Market - 5815 Texas Avenue
  12. Allsup's Convenience Store - 15 locations
  13. Yesway Convenience Store - 5 locations
  14. Stripes Convenience Stores - 4 locations
  15. 7-Eleven Convenience Store - 20 locations
  16. McDonald's - 4 locations
  17. Taco Bell - 4 locations
  18. Taco Bueno - 4 locations
  19. Larry's Better Burger - 1233 Treadaway
  20. Whataburger - 3 locations
  21. Taco Casa - 2 locations
  22. Chick-fil-A - 3 locations
  23. Arby's - 2 locations
  24. Mr. Burger - 6326 Buffalo Gap Road
  25. Chicken Express - 2 locations
  26. Sonic Drive-Ins - 4 locations
  27. Wienerschnitzel - 2997 South 14th St.
  28. Dairy Queen - 3 locations

No matter where you go to find your favorite junk food, enjoy and have a very happy National Junk Food Day.

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