Back in December I told you about the newest bear cub phenom, Siku. Siku is from Denmark and is the newest Polar Bear cub born in captivity.The cub was orphaned by it's mother so the zoo is bringing up the baby in an environment that tries not to be too intrusive upon the animal.  They have now set up webcams to watch the cub online.

The website has webcams set to observe Siku without disturbing or intruding the animals space with lots of human contact.

The mantra of the explore website is:

"philanthropic based media to champion the selfless acts of others, create a portal into the soul of humanity and inspire lifelong learning. "


There are times the webcam is dark so "Siku" or other animals being featured can sleep but you can watch video from activity earlier in the day at any time. You can see just how much the baby polar bear has grown in the last couple of months. You can watch him eat, play, relax and even head down to the shore for a little fishing.

The best viewing hours for Siku are between 9-11 am EST. His mother and father are in an adjacent yard, his mother left him because she was not producing milk and he would have starved had "people" not stepped in to help. He will eventually join the parents and his siblings when he is big enough.