Friday is always a busy day there is a lot to get done before we head into the weekend. Then it happens, the internet goes down. This happened last week here at work and we were all walking around going, "now what do we do"?

Everything we do these days is done on the computer. We blog, do music charts, email, everything, including all my friends (Facebook) are in the computer. I was reviewing some stories to talk about on-air when the web went down, so I talked about what I could remember.

Then one of the guys came in and said he was doing a lunch run, I went to look up the internet! Someone called me for a request and I couldn't think of the artist, I go to look it internet! I couldn't pay my internet! It really put a cramp in my day.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

This same thing happened a few weeks ago too. We didn't have access to internet for a couple of hours that day. That got me to thinking about this; do kids even know how to use a library these days? They just Google everything they need to know. Whether they are writing a report or just doing math homework, you can Google it and find the answer. Do they know what a Card Catalog or Index is in a library? What about an encyclopedia. Do they even make those anymore?

I remember  a couple of years back a group of us headed to a Rangers game in Arlington during a terrible storm.  We checked before hitting the road to see if the game was canceled; it wasn't so we went on.  It rained super hard the whole way there.  We got there early and decided to grab something to eat.  First they didn't want to sit us next to the window because there were tornado warnings, then the power went out.  The kitchen remained open, they were using gas.  So we proceed to order.  The waitress says to us, and I kid you not, "I'm not sure how to put your order in since our computers are down."  Ummm, you write it on a piece of paper and walk it to the kitchen for the cooks!

Sometimes we rely on computers far too much.  It's good to get back to the basics every once in a while.

So how do you handle the loss of internet or your computer access?