A town in Illinois spends $1000 on rubber chickens to be thrown out during a local parade and a local watchdog group is not happy. With property values declining and taxes going up they can't understand why the town would spend tax payer money on such novelties.

The local government of Cicero, Illinois spent local tax dollars, 1000 of them to be exact, on rubber chickens that were tossed into the crowd during a parade. It was to promote a local celebrity of sorts but a watchdog group from that area says it was just a waste of money.

David Jenkins started the watchdog group to find out where local tax dollars were going. David is currently unemployed, his property value declined by 35% in 2008 but his property taxes went up 45%. His property tax portion that goes to the local municipality is around $2000; that means in essence, that used about one half of his contribution for rubber chickens. That is of course just a way to look at this situation but the you see the concern, I hope!

Why are they using peoples hard earned money on such frivolous things. He also brings up another concern and that is the fact that the chickens were bought from a novelty store that is an independent board of the town which could be a conflict of interest. David says he hopes they see his interview and basically just wants them to stop. "Don't waste my money".

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