Well, Aaron Watson has done it again. He made a grown man cry. A fact I'm not really wanting to admit publicly, however this song is incredibly awesome that I have to share it with you.

Aaron first wrote on his Facebook page:

I need your help... I'm writing you all a song. I was inspired after reading your comments yesterday about all the things that you miss the most. I didn't sleep well so I got up early this morning and started writing. Please let me know all the little things you miss the most, the things you've taken for granted, the lessons you've learned and how you think you will be different after all of this is over. I'm going to read every comment and put your life into this song. Love you guys!

Facebook.com/AaronWatsonMusic April 25, 2020

When Watson finished the song he calls "Open Sign" he shared it with all his fans on his Facebook page and said:

To all my fans, Thanks for sharing your hearts with me. It is your words that wrote this song. Please share this and let's spread some love and hope!
Facebook.com/AaronWatsonMusic May 1, 2020

Warning grab a tissue then sit back and listen to how he describes our heart felt feelings about this whole COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Thanks Arron for making me cry like a baby.

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