As you know by now, the Warriors are NBA champs, knocking off the Cavs, 105-97, on Tuesday night. Right on schedule, the league has released its Game 6 "mini movie," and it's just a exhilarating as the Game 5 one we liked so much.

The clip starts off with the last time the Warriors won it all, back in 1975; then we get the Steve Kerr pregame speech to his players; then a lengthy focus on the game's two biggest stars, LeBron and Steph Curry, with some generous helpings of Finals MVP Andre Iguodala (though LeBron totally should have won, but that's a whole other argument).

All said, it's not the most groundbreaking stuff, but it is well done. If you're a big NBA watcher, you'll like it. If you're an experimental film student, maybe not so much. At 6 minutes, 26 seconds, it probably runs a bit longer than necessary, but hey, it's the last game of the year, so we'll let them indulge. We won't have any new NBA games to review for months, so enjoy this while we can.

Except for Cavs fans, who probably shouldn't watch.

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