HELP! Abilene's cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies need your help right now because the Abilene Animal Shelter is overflowing with animals. Andrea Robinson Founder and director of All Kind Animal Initiative says "Every kennel is full and we've had to improvise by using some of the outdoor kennels and stacking the transportation kennels.

While our Abilene Animal Shelter is set up to accommodate only 135 dogs, the shelter is currently overflowing and holding more dogs and cats than the entire shelter is designed for. Right now, Andrea says, "Come rescue these fur babies for only $18.65 each, that's it less than twenty dollars!"

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The adoption special of only $18.65 will run through the weekend (6/23/2024) and yes, the shelter is open Saturday and Sunday for this special emergency rescue adoption. Saturday the Shelter will be open 11 AM - 2 PM and 3 PM - 6 PM; on Sunday the Shelter will be open from 1 PM to 5 PM only.

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Please, if you can adopt, come to the Abilene All Kind Animal Initiative Shelter at 925 South 25th. If you can foster temporarily please come and sign up to help save an adorable cat, dog, kitten, or puppy today.

These animals need our help right now, and as a community, we can all make a huge difference by helping to empty the shelter. If there is a bright side, it's that when you adopt, the adoption includes, heartwarming, vaccinations spaying, and or neutering.

Let's all work together to empty the shelter. The shelter is located at 925 South 25th Street.

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