There are so many benefits of having the KEAN 105 app installed on your mobile device. Not only can you stream us anywhere you go, but the app will keep you caught up with local and music news, contesting, and more.

If you haven't downloaded the KEAN 105 app, do it now. Seriously, it's free and you'll always stay connected with your favorite country station and DJs.

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If you've already got the app, or are just now downloading it, make sure you have the alerts turned on so you don't miss any news we send your way.

Turning on your alerts is easy. Simply open up the KEAN 105 app, tap the alerts button, then tap the settings icon at the top of the screen. Once there, you'll see the different alert channels we'll use to send you notifications.

  • Breaking News: Turn on if you want breaking news of all kind
  • Local News: Turn on for all local news, including alerts from Rudy and Waking Up Country
  • Music News: Turn on so you stay up to date with all the latest in music news
  • Weather: You'll definitely want this one turned on in case of crazy weather, like we had with that big snow storm.
  • Contests: Turn this on to stay in the know about any chances to win
  • Events: Turn on if you're interested in any upcoming concerts, remote broadcasts, or any other events.

By turning on the appropriate alerts, you'll always be connected to KEAN 105 and will get the "latest" before anyone else. Thanks for listening to KEAN 105.

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