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So you've arrived in Mexico which means you followed my previous check list and things are going swell. You've had a few drinks, you're starting to relax and then, if you're anything like me, a fever begins to settle in.

It seems that no matter what, when I decide to go on vacation, I always catch a bug or end up hurting myself.

Let's be good boy scouts and plan ahead! On The following map you'll find two hospitals roughly 20 minutes away from the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya:

Here's a list of some common sayings you should know since you'll be in a foreign country. Also you should check with your cellphone provider to see if your phone will work outside the US and maybe invest in a medical bracelet if you have any allergies.
  • 1

    How to Say "I Need Help" in Spanish

  • 2

    How to Say "I Need a Doctor" in Spanish

  • 3

    How to Ask "Where Is The Phone" in Spanish

  • 4

    How to Say "Where Can I Find a Taxi" in Spanish

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