Revenge is sweet.

Kat Thek is a baker behind a company called Troll Cakes, which whips up, well, troll cakes for people who leave rude comments online. Thek, 30, runs a full-service operation because not only will she bake the cake (most often a chocolate chip brownie cake), she'll also find where to mail it, reports Inc.:

Customers send in their troll comments, and then Thek bakes a cake decorated with the quote and mails it to the troll. Don't know where your internet bully lives? No problem. For an additional fee, she'll even track down the person's address."

The cakes can fetch anywhere from $30-$60 and you have to wonder the wisdom of coughing up that kind of cash to ultimately feed someone who's royally ticked you off. Thek, though, knows this could be the ultimate way of shutting up the haters. "There's something so petty about being mean -- especially on the internet, where there's such an urge for the last word," she says. "And a troll cake is a pretty good last word."

It also puts an entirely new spin on the phrase "let them eat cake." Take a look at some of the mouth-watering offerings below.

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