Trick Pony's Ira Dean is back! since the band dissolved in 2006,  Heidi Newfield got her record deal and went solo all the while Keith Burns saw his way back into the music business by forming the band Burns & Poe. Ira Dean seemed to fade out and not a trace of his existence was to be found. Not at least until now, when the news was just released that he is the newest member of Average Joe’s Entertainment.


Ira Dean Jams out

Without hesitation Average Joe's Entertainment appeared delighted to announce the addition of , former Trick Pony member, Ira Dean. Dean, from personal experience was (and still is, my opinion) the most colorful and entertaining member of the band while Heidi and Keith were the "other two members" of the band. Ira, with his upright bass featuring the two blinding headlights was the flashiest and more eccentric member didn't seem to attract much attention without his "straight man" Burns and Newfield. “Ira is a true triple threat: he's a hit songwriter, a great singer and a true entertainer! We are thrilled to welcome him to Average Joe’s," said Tom Baldrica, President of Average Joe’s Entertainment.

The president of the of Average Joe's, Tom Baldrica knows what talent is and how to pick them out in a crowd after all he spent the last twenty years at RCA Records Nashville.  Helping out talent like, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBdride, Alabama just to name a few.

This will be interesting to sit back and watch little (tic) Ira Dean blossom and grow under the Average Joe's Record company. All I can say is "look out music charts here comes Ira."

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