Before their shelved Big Machine Label Group album, a series of singles in 2015-2017 and, then, their disappearance from music and reemergence as a pop act, sibling trio the Band Perry were one of the biggest groups in the country music industry. The way in which Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry left the genre behind may have confused some fans (okay, us too), but their two country albums remain among our favorites.

The Band Perry signed a record deal in 2009, and the following year, their debut album, The Band Perry, made quite the impact, garnering a platinum certification and treating fans to hits including "If I Die Young" and "You Lie." Their second album, Pioneer, had even more energy and passion behind it, and was certified gold by the RIAA.

The following are The Boot's 10 favorite songs from the Band Perry.

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    "Hip to My Heart"

    From: 'The Band Perry' (2010)

    Co-written by TBP, the upbeat "Hip to My Heart" was the band's debut song in country music. It was released in November 2009 and peaked at No. 20. Though it didn't have as much success as their later songs, it showed the industry that there was a hot new group in town -- and they were here to stay. With call-outs like "C'mon now" and "brother man," "Hip to My Heart" also foreshadowed the energy that Kimberly Perry possesses when she performs.

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    "Forever Mine Nevermind"

    From: 'Pioneer' (2013)

    The Band Perry wrote this foot-stomping anthem powered by gang vocals with country star Brad Paisley. It's reminiscent of '70s punk and features plenty of the guitar riffs that Paisley is known for. Cheeky lyrics like "The airline lost my luggage / And the governor lost my vote / My best friend lost her innocence in her boyfriend's rowboat" make "Forever Mine Nevermind" impossibly catchy as Kimberly Perry sings of the trust in her boyfriend that was eventually broken when she found out that all his "lovely words" were "a curse" -- and then goes on to call him a "piece of dirt." Girl knows how to speak her mind.

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    "Mother Like Mine"

    From 'Pioneer' (2013)

    "Mother Like Mine" is three minutes and 51 seconds of an ode to TBP's mama Marie. It's clear that she's the epitome of a fantastic mom, as the lyrics shine light on her virtues: "She's the sky that holds the clouds / She's the lady of the house / A blind believer in all I dare to be / There's no safer place I've found / Than the shoulder of her white night gown." The song goes on to say that if everyone in the world had a mother like theirs, the wars would all be over, she'd raise them all as friends, nobody would wonder if they were wanted and the world as a whole would be a much happier place. It is a touching tribute to the greatest woman in the Perry siblings' lives -- and one that every mother hopes her children will sing about her someday.

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    "You Lie"

    From: 'The Band Perry' (2010)

    "You Lie" is yet another song about a woman being scorned -- this time, by her lover's infidelity -- and Kimberly Perry yet again proves that she's the expert at this type of song. It's the third single from TBP's eponymous record and their second consecutive release to reach the Top 10 on country charts. The song was written by Aaron, Brian and Clara Henningsen of the Henningsens, and the lyrics are a hoot, using similes for lying that are all too hilarious: "You lie like the man with the slicked-back hair who sold me that Ford / Well, you lie like the pine tree in the backyard after last month's storm / Well, you lie like a penny in the parking lot at the grocery store / It just comes way too natural to you."

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    "Don't Let Me Be Lonely"

    From: 'Pioneer' (2013)

    Sharp songwriting and soulful singing make "Don't Let Me Be Lonely" one of the Band Perry's standout tracks. The ballad hails from Pioneer and was written by Sarah Buxton, Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins. Powerful lyrics round out this gorgeous and effortlessly delivered song: "When you're young / You can fly / But we trip on clouds 'cause we get too high / And we grow up / And then it's gone / Oh God only knows what we'll become."

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    "Gentle on My Mind"

    From 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me' Soundtrack (2014)

    The Band Perry took the stage at the 2014 CMA Awards to perform their cover of Glen Campbell's "Gentle on My Mind," and although there are not many artists who can come close to Campbell's ingenuity, TBP proved that they are a top-notch trio. The band recoded the tune for the Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me documentary soundtrack -- and it's just as easy on the ears as Campbell's original version.

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    Shane McAnally was one of the masterminds behind this song, and it's certainly one of the Perry siblings' catchiest hits to date. In the song, Kimberly Perry portrays a character who's not to be messed with -- after all, she's touting a chainsaw. A tree that once held the initials of her and a lover is now going to meet its demise -- and hell hath no fury like a jilted woman.

    “A jagged little heart so the whole town knew it / Carved in the bark with an arrow through it / I came out here to see it one more time / And I got my chainsaw,” Kimberly Perry sings. Her brothers provide background vocals, giving this song a harmonious feel, but the real standout is the lyrics: "I can't wait to count those rings," she sings, "A big pile of wood to keep me warm through the winter."

    "Chainsaw" was the fourth single from Pioneer, and the music video for the song (with the three Perrys all sporting chainsaws) is just as entertaining as the song.

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    "If I Die Young"

    From: 'The Band Perry' (2010)

    "If I Die Young" really put TBP on the country music map. It was the second single from their self-titled debut album, the follow-up single to "Hip to My Heart." Released in June 2010, the song spread like wildfire, becoming the group's first Top 10 single on the country charts as well as their first Top 20 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100. It also gave them their first-ever No. 1 hit.

    "If I Die Young" was written by TBP's frontwoman, and the lyrics' depth ("the sharp knife of a short life") along with Kimberly Perry's simple vocal performance truly captured fans. As of January 2014, "If I Die Young" had sold 4.74 million copies, making it the fourth best-selling country song in the U.S.

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    "Better Dig Two"

    From: 'Pioneer' (2013)

    "Better Dig Two" had some of Nashville's most prolific songwriters involved in its creation: Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen. It was the lead single from Pioneer, and its melodramatic and slightly creepy feel made it a big hit with fans -- and led them to want more from the trio.

    Kimberly Perry's vocals shine in this hit, and the lyrics speak volumes about the rather obsessive love a wife has for her husband: "If the ties that bind ever do come loose / If forever ever ends for you / If that ring gets a little too tight / They might as well read me my last rites ... 'Cause I'll go to heaven or I'll go to hell / Before I'll see you with someone else." Unsettling? Definitely. But a No. 1 hit? Absolutely.

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    From: 'Pioneer' (2013)

    "Done" is certified platinum, and it's easy to see why. The high-energy, scorn-filled song has attitude and sass right from the very first chord. It's the perfect breakup song, giving words to any lover who is "done" with being treated poorly, and it definitely packs a punch. The trio performed it at the 2013 ACM Awards, where they wowed the crowd, and also brought their game faces to the Super Bowl in 2014.

    "Done" was released in March 2013 as the second single from TBP's sophomore album, Pioneer. The two men of the group, Neil and Reid Perry, co-wrote the song with John Davidson and Jacob Bryan, making it the first No. 1 the brothers wrote together.

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