This is my top five countdown of the greatest country Christmas songs of all time. Coming in at #1 is George Strait, his song 'Christmas Cookies' is an all time favorite of country music fans everywhere, it debuted in December of 2002. Although MCA Records released the album 2002 "Christmas Cookies" peaked in the Billboard Hot 100 at #33 the album was called 'A Country Christmas' issued in late November of 1999.

George Strait is considered the king of country music, his masterful presentation and delivery of every song he sings is uniquely King George. While George admits he picks the songs he wants to record and release, the King of country says "Christmas cookies sounded fun and it fits me, besides I really like the song." The Pure Country star continues to rack up the miles on tour year after year, although Sir George is retiring and his last shows are scheduled for early spring of 2014. All I can say is Thanks George for what I think is the best Christmas Song ever!

Christmas Cookies is the #1 song in this years countdown of 'The Best Country Christmas Songs Ever.' So, did your favorite Christmas song make it? What are your thoughts? There's always next year and I'll need your input, for the best country Christmas songs for 2013. I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images