As I've mentioned before, I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome from time to time. Now, if I watch what I eat, I shouldn't have too many trips to the bathroom. However, earlier this week I enjoyed some of my wife's fine cooking and was regrettably uninformed that one dish contained cheese. It made my IBS flare up.

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That stated, the next few days I had regular visits to the "treehouse", the studio's upstairs bathroom that is very rarely used, extremely private and quiet. While I was frequenting the infamous "treehouse", I noticed someone had hung the toilet paper the wrong way. Who on God's green earth does not know that toilet paper should come over the top and not from underneath??

Somebody hold up your hand so I can read you the riot act and share some bathroom etiquette with you publicly. While I'm on it, there are other bathroom etiquettes that need to be addressed once and for all. At Casa Fernandez, we abide by some simple rules like "toilet seat down, toilet lid down".

These rules exist not because I'm some kind of a narcissist but rather because common science has proven this is how we stay healthy and avoid nasty bathroom germs. I learned the majority of this bathroom etiquette from Reader's Digest and Healthy magazines.

One last thing, I highly recommend that if you leave an offensive odor behind, be kind and warn everyone you know, just like Jim Carrey does in the video below.

Okay, here goes bathroom etiquette 101 for a healthier life in the bathroom.


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