Toby Keith‘s latest single, ‘Red Solo Cup,’ may be the earworm of the year, but it could also be the controversy of the year if certain hip-hop fans have their way.

Ever since the release of the single — the latest from Keith’s upcoming album ‘Clancy’s Tavern,’ due to be released on October 25 — country fans have been grooving to the tune and loving the star-studded video that includes such household names as Eric Church, Sammy Hagar and Ted Nugent.

Now, though, fans of San Antonio hip-hop artist Carlton Zeus are seeing red because they claim Keith swiped the idea for the song from their idol, according to radio personality Dominique Garcia. Zeus’ song, ‘Sharpie Solo Cup,’ was released about a year ago. Meanwhile, in a recent conversation with Taste of Country, Keith told us that he’d been holding on to ‘Red Solo Cup’ for two years before releasing it.

“It can easily be said that the songs sound nothing alike — in which they do not,” wrote Garcia on his blog. “It is the concept of the song and music video that have people up in arms.”

Some Zeus fans are calling Keith a thief and insisting that he should have credited the hip-hop artist for the idea.

The one person who seemingly isn’t upset is Zeus. He released a very tongue-in-cheek video response to the flap, filmed while he was eating chicken for lunch! You’ll find that video and the official Zeus video for ‘Sharpie Solo Cup’ below, as well as Keith’s music video for comparison.

No word yet from Keith about the dust up. As we all know, Keith is no stranger to controversy, and will likely address the issue at some point. Of course, Keith also likes to have fun, which prompted us to think how terrific it would be if he filmed a humorously dry video response such as Zeus did — perhaps while eating dinner!

Watch the Toby Keith ‘Red Solo Cup’ Video

Watch the Carlton Zeus ‘Sharpie Solo Cup’ Video

Watch Carlton Zeus’ Video Response to the Controversy

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