The season opens Monday, September 1st for Central Zone Texas hunters. Everyone is getting their guns cleaned and ready, stocked up on shells and gear and chomping at the bit for sunrise September 1.

I love to go dove hunting. It's fun to wake up early, watch the sun rise, with a cup of coffee in hand and set out to get some birds. I, by no means, know everything there is to know so I found this video of tips pretty helpful. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, give this a look, you might learn something new!

Doug Painter with the National Shooting Sports Foundation shares a few tips in the following video. He covers everything from making sure you have enough water, to finding your birds once they are on the ground, to the best angles and stance to use.

Dove Hunting Tips from Doug Painter

I'm getting ready, got my license, got the guns cleaned and ready, need to stock up on ammo and I'll be ready to go. My goal this year: just do better than last year! Be safe and enjoy!

Please check the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website for more information.

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