You may be shocked, because they look so darn young, but ... Shawna and Keifer Thompson of country duo Thompson Square have been married for more than 20 years. That's right: two full decades and then some, since May 15, 1999.

For some couples, autonomous careers are a good thing. But for the duo, that wasn't the case.

"We came in town to be artists, and we met really quickly, but we didn't realize until a few years into our marriage that the best way for us to coexist was for us to be together all the time," says Keifer. "Being apart and doing our own things ... we just weren't happy. We were happy doing music, and the relationship wasn't suffering, but it wasn't as good without her."

Shawna adds, "Keifer would be gone doing his own thing on the road, and I would be at home miserable and missing him. Now, we're getting to do what we both love to do together. It doesn't get any better than that."

With hit songs such as "Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not?" and "If I Didn't Have You," the couple has enjoyed a good amount of success in country music: three studio albums, including one certified gold, a two-times platinum single and a gold single. However, all of those achievements are dim in comparison to an event that occurred in January of 2016: the couple's son, Rigney Cooper, was born.

Shawna and Keifer parted ways with their label in 2017, independently releasing Masterpiece -- deeply inspired by their son -- in 2018. In March of 2019, though, they announced a new recording and publishing deal with Reviver Entertainment, meaning that Thompson Square have much to look forward to in this new chapter.

If you need a reason to believe in love that holds tight through life's ups and downs, click through the photo gallery below to see the Thompsons doing both music and life together:

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