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I remember sitting inside the Firehouse Bar and Grill broadcasting live on Fridays, Saturdays, or whatever day of the week and/or holiday it was or when they had some hot talent come and perform live there. Now, the Firehouse Bar and Grill is closed and I found out it's for sale. Check out the photos below.

This place has been around for a long time and should have the attention of the Abilene Heritage Committee and be made into a historical landmark. I can't tell you all the different things it's been over the years but I know that the Covid pandemic had to take its toll on this place as popular as it was back a couple of years ago.

The really sad part is I know for a fact that when it was the Firehouse bar and restaurant had some awesome food. I recall when I would call in an order for some burgers or food to go for lunch that there would be a waiting line to get my order. I kid you not, the Firehouse Bar and Grill had some great eats.

I was asked by my boss "Didn't you used to do a lot of live broadcasts from there?" Why of course I did and it was always fun and packed to the gills. There was one Halloween when all of their waitresses were all dressed up and they came up and surrounded me while I was broadcasting live, and they wanted to have their picture made at that very moment.

Now, this historic building is not vacant because if you buy it comes with all the equipment and furnishings to run it as a restaurant and bar. This place is loaded as I asked the realtor that has it listed Tommy Simons & Associates Realtors. But what really shocked me, even more, is how much they're asking for it, only $450,000, for everything!

Tommy said "we have just now dropped the price on this fully furnished bar and grill just off of Treadaway in South Abilene. This is an excellent opportunity to own your own bar and grill with tables, chairs, bar equipment, kitchen equipment, and more included in the sale.

Source: Tommy Simons & Associates, Realtors

This property successfully operated as The Firehouse Bar & Grill for many years and features tons of square footage, an excellent patio space, a stage for live entertainment, and I believe it's in a prime location, not fo far from Treadaway and Butternut where a ton of Abilene's work force passes by there.

Just apply your own ideas, give it a good name and hire the old cooks bak they had some tasty recipes. Add your finishing touches and this place is ready to open and make some folks smile.

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