The Blind Auditions for Season 18 of The Voice continued on Monday (Mar. 16), with returning coaches Blake SheltonKelly Clarkson and John Legend; plus new coach Nick Jonas (who replaced last season's Gwen Stefani). The teams are almost all filled up, so this was a particularly tense evening for the coaches.

And, speaking of tenseness, there's nothing that will do on this show but a good ol' fashioned struggle between Shelton and Clarkson. That came about in the form of contestant Cam Spinks, a 29-year-old from Alabaster, Alabama.

"I grew up in a pretty rural part of Alabama on a farm with my family," he explained to the audience. "At any given day at the farm, you know, I could be on the tractor, plowing up fields, working on fences, or a million little odd jobs.

"My dad instilled in us, from a very, very young age, the value of hard work, and I carry that work ethic into music," he continued. "From the time I graduated college,I've been in several different bands. I've been playing a lot of college bars. I've written a ton of music. I've given it my best efforts from the get-go, constantly trying to get better, constantly trying to progress, and I'm still grindin' and chippin' away at it."

Spinks then delivered a solid version of Pat Green's 2003 hit "Wave on Wave," which predictably got both Shelton and Clarkson (who is outspoken about her love for '90s era country) to spin around. "She’s gonna fight you," Legend sagely informed Shelton, and a few jokes were tossed around about how male country artists don't like Clarkson (something that past season winner Jake Hoot, of course, would beg to differ with).

"The kind of country music that I love and I grew up on is the vibe you just gave me," Clarkson enthused. "It's a little bit rock n' roll, it's a little country, but it's like storytelling."

Clarkson referenced one of her oft-mentioned favorite country artists: "You got the Travis Tritt kind of growl thing going on, I love that, and I feel like it's missing in country music."

However strong Clarkson's Tritt-loving vibes, there was still the formidable Shelton to deal with as competition for Spinks' choice. "I hear a lot of elements in your voice that I love," Shelton noted. "You're in a different area, maybe more of what Luke Combs is doing. There's just different lanes of country music, and I think you need a coach that can identify what those lanes are."

Spinks barely hesitated before choosing Shelton. Ever the hilariously not-such-a-good-sport winner, Shelton crowed "hoot, hoot, hoot," jokingly at Clarkson as he gloated in his victory.

We'll be following along each week to see how things progress on the show, so be sure to check to see how all your favorites fare as the coaches finalize their teams and move on to further rounds.

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