He was the king of Texas Music before it was really a thing. Pat Green blazed his own trail to Nashville through Texas, and back again. He experienced a level of success most never will. No one sings an ode to the Lone Star State like Green -- which may be why we sometimes forget that the Texas Music G.O.A.T. has got some great love songs in that arsenal of his.

While "Crazy" is not his most popular song by any metric, it's undoubtedly one of his best. And in a long line of great music, is our top contender for his most under-appreciated of song of all time. The song was included on his 2001 album Three Days.

That takes us to this new acoustic version of "Crazy." According to Pat Green's socials, "Green got married at Luckenbach. "Crazy" was the only song of his that was played at his wedding. 19 years later he returned to the site of his wedding and recorded a beautiful acoustic version of that song. Pat does a great interview with Kit Patterson, co-owner of Luckenbach, as well. We are excited to share their stories from the interview down the road in an episode of The Dancehall Tapes. For now, enjoy this classic Pat Green tune"

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