The Founder shows us the untold story of how McDonald’s-the-restaurant was swindled away from McDonalds-the-brothers by a very savvy businessman by the name of Ray Kroc. He’s portrayed by Michael Keaton in the film, who manages to look and sound less trustworthy than whatever kind of meat Big Macs are made out of. In this new clip, we get to see Kroc in action as he details his sweeping plans for the future burger franchise.

In the monologue, released today by Deadline, is a pretty riveting sales pitch, and has Keaton at his slimiest. The way he describes the golden arches is both hilarious and profound:“They signify family, it signifies community. It’s a place where Americans come together to break bread.” It’s a shame, for Kroc at least, that the fast food chain has devolved into more or less a last resort.

Also can we talk about how unrecognizable Nick Offerman looks? He and John Carroll Lynch play the two McDonald brothers Mac and Dick in the movie, alongside Laura Dern and Linda Cardellini, who play Kroc’s first and second wives, respectively. The cast is top-notch, but our Editor-in-Chief Matt Singer wasn’t lovin’ it, saying in his review that The Founder “offers very few insights, and has no apparent point beyond mythologizing the early days of a company that doesn’t exactly need assistance in the self-mythologizing department.” Keaton seems to be getting some acclaim for his performance though, so maybe that’ll be enough to get joint Batman and Big Mac fans to the theater.

The Founder’s wide release begins on January 20.

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