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Michael Keaton Explains Why He Left Batman
For a lot of young folks, Michael Keaton is their first introduction to a cinematic Batman, his version of the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s 1989 movie still considered one of the most lauded and fun interpretations of Bruce Wayne to this day. But even the best actors need to know when to ca…
The Weirdest Batman Movie Toys
Welcome to ScreenCrush 360! Each Wednesday, the staff of ScreenCrush will bring you a great new ranking from the world of movies (or television, we contain multitudes) in video form. It’s all the fun of a list without all the pain of having to actually read it. Think of Top Five, but longer!
Original Batman and Superman Suits Going to Auction
Good news: fans are finally getting their shot to lay claim to two highly sought-after pieces of comic book memorabilia, with George Reeves’ original Superman costume and the Batsuit worn by Michael Keaton during his stint as the Batman both up at auction until January 26. The bad news: youu&#…
Michael Keaton Knew ‘Batman Forever’ Would Be Terrible
Batman Forever is perhaps best known for being the second most terrible Batman movie ever made aside from Batman & Robin. It is, in a word, spectacularly bad, marring the promise of seeing the Riddler and Two-Face banter onscreen with some truly terrible acting on the part of everyone involved, …

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