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Flash mob singers

The Carlson School of Management got a surprise visit from a young man playing saxophone, while at first I thought nothing was unusual. Think about it, it's a college kid playing saxophone in the main lobby at a school, but when the other 300 students chime in, it's a Merry Christmas of the flash kind. Carlson School got a visit from it's sister Music School students.

The business school was visited by 300 of it's University of Minnesota's School of Music sister school in November. The music is reportedly “Deck the Halls” arranged by Francisco J. Núñez and Jim Papoulis from “Coolside of Yuletide” and the saxophonist is Greg Wrenn accompanied by the U.M.S.M. Campus Singers Maroon, Gold, and Mosaic Men's and Women’s Chorus University Singers.

The video shows all the student in a well choreographed flash mob Christmas greeting.

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