I'm not a bride nor have I ever been one.  However, if I was here are some places I would go to have my bachelorette party here in Abilene.  We have some great places to pamper yourself, have fun and enjoy those last few moments of single life with your best friends. 

1. Vendetta's  Salon and Day Spa

I think being pampered is at the top of my list.  Vendetta's offers a variety of experiences.  From hair


styling, massages, pedicures/manicures, waxing, facials, peels, detoxifiers and more.  This gives you a double whammy, so to speak.  It will relax you but also get you looking your best for your special day! The spa is at 4526 S. 14th check out Vendetta's website for more information.

2. The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a great little get away place for you and your friends to relax, enjoy music and drinks


located at 357 Walnut in downtown Abilene.  It's very posh and elegant, not your typical "club" scene.  They have a great martini bar, any kind of martini you can think of they have!  You and your girlfriends can go on an "open to the public" night or reserve the venue for a private party.  The Warehouse would be a great follow up to the spa!


MCM Elegante Suites is near a movie theater, lots of great restaurants and even shopping with the Mall


of Abilene being right across the street.  However, if you chose MCM Elegante Suites, there really is no need to leave the hotel.  They have an indoor pool and hot tub, their own restaurant or room service, and even their own night spot called Remington's which features live music on many nights.  You and your friends could eat, party and never have to drive anywhere.   Just have a great time and not worry about any logistics.  Check their website for details.


Who doesn't like going out for a great meal with your best friends?  Now there are many places you


could go eat but I have 3 suggestions that have not only great food but great atmosphere as well.  The Seafood Tavern, Copper Creek and The Beehive all have great food, but they also have bar areas just right for you and your group to enjoy drinks and on many nights live music as well.  They also have banquet rooms for larger private events too.

5.  Clubs and Bars

We have a ton of small clubs and bars in Abilene.  Now in the past (my younger years) we would do


what is called "Bar Golf".  You go to a club have a drink, mingle a bit and move on to the next location.  The object is to see how many clubs you can hit in one night. Some club suggestions might be Guitars & Cadillacs, Remington's, The Lucky Mule, Chelsea's or Rack Daddy's.   I suggest, highly, that you rent a limo for the evening for this one.  You don't have to worry about driving and you can all ride in one vehicle.  Plus, it just looks cool to be chauffeured around town in a limo!!

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