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if you're planning a trip to visit Fredericksburg for their world-famous Oktoberfest in America, make plans to spend some time checking out all that Fredericksburg has to offer. While Fredericksburg, Texas is located southeast of San Angelo, north of San Antonio, and a short drive West of Austin Texas. This scenic little town has a lot to offer.

The City of Fredericksburg was settled and has preserved its German heritage which is on display nearly everywhere you look. You'll find that the Pioneer Museum and the National Museum share a lot of their heritage history. So much so that the National Museum they have recreated a Pacific War featuring a WWII exhibit including a recreated combat zone.

Fredericksburg was founded on May 8, 1846 by German immigrants under the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas. John O. Meusebach chose the location for the second of the Society’s colonies four miles north of the Pedernales River between two creeks. He named the settlement Friedrichsburg (later changed to Fredericksburg) to honor Prince Frederick of Prussia.
Source: City of Fredericksburg


However, if history is not your thing, Fredericksburg is also known for having a lot of wineries and the "The Most Authentic Oktoberfest In America" according to Travel Let us not forget the most fun Oktoberfest too. Every year on the first weekend in October this tiny Germantown comes to life and visitors come to celebrate Fredericksburg's Oktoberfest 2022.

Why you'll find that for three days the city rolls out the red carpet and visitors enjoy a variety of beverages, music, dancing, traditional German foods, and authentic German entertainment. this celebration has been going on since 1980, welcoming autumn with a three-day event celebrating Fredericksburg's rich German heritage.

Finally, with all the food, beverages, games, and fun, one must never forget that Fredericksburg is also the "Polka Capital of Texas" with its mission statement being "We're leading with integrity while providing the best customer services to our community." If you are going to Fredricksburg remember to have fun and drive safe.

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