Anyone who has ever been close to the knock-down, drag-out action of a bar fight knows that it never takes long before the red-faced climate shifts. Within a matter of moments, two drunken idiots throwing haymakers can turn into a full-on battle royale, where everything in the room that isn’t tied down becomes a viable weapon.

For situations like these, it may be advantageous to employ the equalizing properties of this fierce new homemade Barmageddon device, confidently deemed the Bar Fight Dominator. This hellish slingshot was designed by weapons enthusiast Jörg Sprave and his relentless rubber powered kill cult at the Slingshot Channel located in Burgkunstadt, Germany.

According to the website, the Bar Fight Dominator is a four-round, pump-action ashtray shooter designed for the sole purpose of quieting the drunkards at your local pub. In addition to this weapon’s capacity for throttling the opposition into a coma with half-pound ashtrays, the mechanism also comes fitted with a broken beer bottle bayonet designed to shank those fiends and drunkards that simply will not go down from a little blunt force trauma.

Incidentally, Sprave and the rest of his mad scientists of weaponry do not create slingshots to sell to the general public. The organization is strictly a hobby-based, not-for-profit that designs hardcore snuffing apparatuses for laughs.

Still might be a good idea to not piss this guy off.

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