It's always good to be in proper shape, but it looks like some folks here in Texas can cancel the diet plan if they want to.

Back in April of this year, I let you know about a new policy that was going into effect for Texas State Troopers. Men with waists sizes over 40 inches and women over 35 inches will now have to track and share their weight loss efforts. It looks like around 200 troopers would fall above those requirements. Well good news to those folks an oversight board approved changes to the standards. Drum roll please.


The new policy is that men can now have waist sizes up to 41 inches and women can have waist sizes up to 36 in order to not track their weight loss efforts. All I can think about is the 'Any Given Sunday' speech right now.

"The inches we need our everywhere around us," Al Pacino. Well, according to a new report, this new policy now only affects around 175 Texas State Troopers. “DPS is obviously a premier law enforcement organization and will continue to be so,” Commissioner Dale Wainwright told the Dallas Morning News. “For that to happen, we have to have commissioned officers who can do their job physically as well as mentally at an excellent level.”

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It looks like nearly every trooper passed a physical this spring. Those who don't meet this the new waistline requirement will still need to enroll in a fitness program and keep a nutrition diary.

So remember folks, life is truly a game of inches.

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