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While I attended and graduated from Abilene High School (AHS), I never realized back then, that I was surrounded by a lot of famous people. Actually, I was attending high school in a city (AISD) that had a lot of famous people graduate from Abilene, Cooper, and other area schools.

Here's what I'm talking about, Randall Tex Cobb is an American actor, and former pro boxer, he graduated just before I went to Abilene High, I attended AHS with his brother Marty and I watched them both shine on the Silver Screen.

Then there was Terrance Orr who attended Cooper High School about the same time, he went on to become a pro football player. Okay, you get the idea, the list is long and I'm always reminded of all the students that went on to claim fame.

Texas State Representative Stan Lambert is talking about my old Almamater Abilene High School and AISD

So, as I'm going through my Facebook messages someone sent me this video below from one of our state representatives talking about our "Dear Old Abilene High, Grand old Abilene High, Champion school of all the west, Loyal just to you, We're faithful and true blue." Yes, that's the AHS song (some habits die hard).

Nonetheless, Texas State representative Stan Lambert attended and graduated from Abilene Schools, and by watching the video above he lives out the lyrics of the Abilene High School theme song. He is loyal faithful and true blue.

The comments he makes about the city of Abilene and the school where his grandparents, his parents, he, and his children all attended and graduated from fills my heart with pride for our Abilene schools.

So, when I hear that Abilene is a great place to raise a family, I agree wholeheartedly. Finally, who would have known that Texas State Representative Stan Lambert was a baseball-playing machine for the AHS Eagles? Go Warbirds.

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