You might be surprised to see how many of your favorite restaurant chains got their start here in Texas and have gone on to national success.

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It's got to start somewhere, and the Lone Star State seems to be a great place to do it.

Texas, A Fine Place to Start

Oil and gas, and of course the Dallas Cowboys, may be what Texas is known for the most, but many a company got it's start here in Texas. A couple of Fortune 500 companies you may have heard of got their start here, including Texas Instruments in 1930, and USAA in 1922.

You may have also heard of 7-Eleven, Neiman Marcus, Half Priced Books,  Michaels Arts and Crafts and GameStop. All got their start right here in Texas and have all gone on to enjoy national success in other states.

Texas Creativity

Did you know that Texas is also responsible for some of the finer things you may also enjoy like the frozen margarita machine, which was invented in Dallas in 1971? Plus Tex-Mex got its start in San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley, and El Paso. It's true, and both the frozen margarita and Tex-Mex are beloved across the country. Most people probably have no idea where they got their humble start.

Texas Restaurants

When it comes to eating out, Texas may be responsible for many of your favorite restaurants. No matter what the occasion, from fast food drive thrus to finer dining, Texas has been the starting ground for many different brands of eateries that have found success across the country.

Let's take a look at some success stories.

Did You Know Some of Your Favorite Restaurants Started in Texas?

It's got to start somewhere, and Texas seems to be a great place from which to launch a tasty restaurant chain.

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