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Rainbow trout fishing returns to West Texas with help from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). As we kick off 2023 with some unseasonable weather and warmer-than-normal temperatures, the TPWD's winter "rainbow trout stocking" began on January 11th and will be done again around February 17 through the 21st throughout Texas.

This marks the 41st year the Parks and Wildlife Department has been stocking rainbow fish trout throughout Texas. There are dozens of locations throughout Texas that will be stocked with rainbow trout. Lake Abilene at the State ParkGrover Nelson Park Pond in Abilene, San Angelo State Park, and Oakes Street Concho River in San Angelo to name a few.

LOOK: These are Places Where the TPWD Stock Fish

Here is the best news of all, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocks only catchable-sized fish (and the video below will help you catch more of them). A friendly reminder that any angler fishing in a community fishing lake or from a dock, pier, or jetty within a State Park may use no more than two poles.

The statewide bag limit is five trout per person, and 18 and older are required to have a fresh-water fishing license unless they are fishing within a State Park.

Many neighborhood fishing programs encourage families to take young anglers under 17 fishing. Other very popular fishing locations include Possum Kingdom Lake, Canyon Lake, Trinity River, and the Brazos River.

If you're tired of eating PB&J sandwiches or leftovers in general, you might think of a feast featuring rainbow trout, thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. One thing Texas Parks and Wildlife Department encourages everyone (if you're on the lake) to wear a life vest, follow all state guidelines and laws, be safe, and enjoy the rainbow trout. Good luck!

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