For the record I really like Mark McKinney, I believe he's got what it takes to be a superstar in the music business, a voice, talent, songwriting skills and the looks. Now McKinney goes off and proves my point by penning a new Christmas tune. This one will have all the other artists covering it in the years to come. So it's Merry Christmas to all of us from Mark McKinney with his new song 'Love The Holidays.'

When it comes to the 'Texas Music' genre I don't have a lot of favorites artists, or at the very least, there's not a lot of Texas Music Artists that have captured my attention. That said I love Mark McKinney, ever since I heard him for the first time here in Abilene at a concert about seven years ago. His voice has that raspy quality that reminds me of a young outlaw named Waylon and his attitude reminds me of a young gun named Willie Nelson. It's no wonder Mark gathers thousands where ever he plays.

Check out his new song he wrote , just in time for the Holidays it'll get you to thinking about certain relatives that do the things he sings about. It's as if McKinney sat in my living room and watched all my dysfunctional family getting along for the Holidays. Mark McKinney says "I've recorded this Christmas song called 'Love the Holidays' and it's a light hearted down home sing along tune about hanging out with my family. I hope you enjoy it."

As far as a new album from Mark McKinney, he says we will have to wait a little longer as he continues through the Holidays putting the finishing touches on the album. Mark says "thank you for your continued support, I love writing songs and sharing them with ya. The new album also has a killer duet on it with Bri Bagwell and I. It's a song called 'She ain't Leaving' that Bleu Edmondson and I co-wrote. I'll also be heading to Las Vegas to play the National Finals Rodeo on December 6th and 7th. The next time I'll be playing close to home, I'll be at Reliant Stadium for the Texas Bowl on December 28th and also singing the National Anthem for the game. Wish me luck lol..."

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Mark McKinney - Love The Holidays


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