If you're looking for something different to get you in the holiday spirit this year, I've got just the thing for you. Average Joes Entertainment, record label home for Colt Ford, Montgomery Gentry, JB and the Moonshine Band and several others, has a very interesting collection of Christmas songs from its artists, called 'An Average Joes Muddy Christmas'.

Average Joes, an Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville-based indie record label has an interesting collection of artists, plucked from the fringe of mainstream country music as well as other musical genres. "Eclectic country" might be a good way to describe the roster, although the label doesn't work exclusively in country music. This face is made very clearly on 'Muddy Christmas'.

The album features a terrific version of a Christmas standard (Josh Gracin's rendition of 'Do You Hear What I Hear'), Montgomery Gentry covering the far less traditional Robert Earl Keen underground classic 'Merry Christmas From The Family'. From up-and-comer Lauran Briant to country legend John Anderson, there's something for everyone on this Christmas compilation. JB and the Moonshine Band do their best Dwight Yoakam impression with 'Christmas Ain't Christmas', and of course, Colt Ford brings his fun and unique brand of hip hop country with 'Home For Christmas'.

Just when you think this is a country music Christmas album, former American Idol contestant Bo Bice brings 'Very Merry Christmas', a Chuck Berry-esque rock and roll tune. Then hip hop group Nappy Roots comes on with 'Nappy Holidays', the furthest thing imaginable from country music.

With song titles like 'Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive' (The Lacs), 'Beer With Santa' (The Mauldin Brothers), and 'Muddy Christmas' (Lenny Cooper), 'An Average Joes Muddy Christmas' is obviously a lot of fun, that's for sure. But let's not lose sight of the fact that there is a ton of musical talent performing these songs.

Here's a sample of 'An Average Joes Muddy Christmas':

In a world where it seems like the same Christmas songs are being recycled over and over again, year after year, 'An Average Joes Muddy Christmas' is a pleasant surprise, and a breath of fresh air. It covers everything from the traditional to the funny and obnoxious, so there really is at least one song for everyone on this album.

'An Average Joes Muddy Christmas' Track List:

1) 'Home For Christmas' - Colt Ford
2) 'Merry Christmas From The Family' - Montgomery Gentry
3) 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' - Josh Gracin
4) 'Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive' - The Lacs
5) 'Christmas Time' - John Anderson
6) 'What Time Is It?' - LoCash Cowboys
7) 'Muddy Christmas' - Lenny Cooper
8) 'Very Merry Christmas' - Bo Bice
9) 'Nappy Holidays' - Nappy Roots
10) 'Our Christmas' - Matt Stillwell
11) 'Christmas Ain't Christmas' - JB and the Moonshine Band
12) 'Texas Christmas' - Lauren Briant
13) 'Beer With Santa' - The Mauldin Brothers